A New Yorker's Guide to Gainesville


The difference between the food in Florida and the food in New York can be narrowed down to one thing: the water. The clean water in New York has made the state notorious for its delicious everything! But more specifically, the pizza and bagels.

The quality of water is reflected in the taste of food. In 2010, New York Magazine published an article about the water titled Test: How Clean Is Our Water?.


These are two places in Gainesville where you can find a delicious slice of pizza comparable to New York.

Leonardo's By The Slice located on University Ave. has amazing pizza! I also recommend the spaghetti and meatballs.

Pizza By The Slice in the center of Midtown, also on University Ave., is a convenient and tasty place to grab a slice.


There are few places that can duplicate the quality of a New York bagel! These places are amazing.

Einstein Bros Bagels is all over Gainesville, both on- and off-campus. They make delicious bagels and also have amazing coffee! Their vanilla hazelnut latte is outstanding.

Bay Island's Coffee Co. is one of my absolute favorite places in Gainesville. It is a drive-thru spot located in Butler Plaza. Everything is so fresh and you can taste the quality in every bite! They have delicious frozen coffee blended drinks, smoothies, and egg sandwiches.