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So where can one find "Gator Gear"? Glad you asked!! The Gators are a well-known team so you can find gear at your local Wal-Mart or Target. Or if you are in the city of Gainesville you can go to the Florida book store located on University & 13th St. Last but not least you can go on campus to the University of Florida bookstore located in the Reitz. Your options of gear are unlimited they have all kinds of gear for men and women boys and girls of all ages. Pets are not discriminated against there is even gear in there for them also. You just have to get yourself to the store. Or if you prefer online shopping you can visit Gator Gear. Get on down to the Swamp on Saturday for Fall season and model your Orange & Blue too!!

Online Shopping

Visit Gator Gear to get your orange and blue gear. Different assortments of sweaters, pants, jackets, skirts, shirts. You name it they got it.

Shopping Centers

Bookstore walmart

Walmart/Florida Bookstore

sweatpants LaceA shopping center where you can find items of any sort and Gator gear is not excluded. Visit Walmart if you like to shop online. Or you can visit 3570 SW Archer Road for the local Walmart in Gainesville and there is a section of Gator apparel located to the front of the shopping center.

Babygator Beat

Click on viewer to view more pieces of clothing you can choose from. Prices range from $10-$40 for this set of items.


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