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AlbertThe version of Albert we see today first appeared on UF's field in 1984. However, the idea of the Alligator being Florida's mascot was an idea that came about in 1911.

The school use to have real gators on campus that showed up to the game. Those gators were killed by students so the idea of a bubble headed gator was adopted. However, according to UF's magazine a $5,000 costume created by individuals at Walt Disney World graced the field along with a two legged alligator.

This costume was put to rest because it could not be washed and the temperature in the costume became too hot for the individual wearing it. This caused the costume to have an unbearable stinch, so they got rid of it. Evolution of Mascots .So the plush costume version we see today was better suited for the individuals within the creation because it had better ventilation.

Introducing Alberta


Alberta is our female gator who appeared on the scene in 1986 leaving Albert less lonely, according to UF's magazine. She walks around sporting her orange hair bow, her dress (sometimes blue sometimes orange), and her orange nails and toe nails. Just like Albert she is loved by students, adults, and little children.


The Duo


Albert and Alberta are known as the official Gator mascots represented here at the University of Florida. Like most college mascots they make appearances at games and highlight shows. Here at the University of Florida one of our extreme shows is "Gator Growl". GatorGrowl.

Both Gators cheer on the football team, while being on the sidelines. However, Albert cheers at the Men's Basketball and Baseball games solo. While Alberta cheers on the lady gators at Gymnastic meets and women Basketball games. Albert &Alberta are truely loved here at our campus, I don't know about any other mascots but they really get active around campus. You can see them on "The Set" (a chill spot for student organizations and students) sometimes just hanging out with students taking pictures and passing out flyers.

Albert and Alberta are a well-known duo and is the only pair of mascots in the SEC (Southern Eastern Conference). It is not common for college mascots to come as a pair, but our Gator pair has become inseparable.


statue This Albert & Alberta bronze statue is located outside of Emerson Graduate Hall. It is one of the favorite monuments at UF for University of Florida graduates to take a picture with. It has become one of the statues student tour guides take their tourists to go see. When taking this photo I actually had to wait my turn in line because so many people were out there snapping shots.