Gators in Style Logo

On game day I observed that the guys like to paint themselves orange or blue and paint the word Gators on their stomachs, or the letters "U" or "F". A group of friends would each take a letter so one has "G" the other friend "A" and so on. Some guys came dressed in full body suits of Orange or blue. The most common gear among guys/gals was jerseys. They would wear the jersey number of their favorite football athlete.

Animal Pride

dog puppy

Here at the Swamp animals have Gator pride too. You can also dress your pet in Orange & Blue. A dress for female pets or shirts for the male pets. If you really like to dress your pets up, you can even buy orange or blue shoes for them to wear. All supplies can be found in the Florida Book Store, they contain all types of clothing for all shapes and sizes including the non-human.

Gator Chomp

blue suit chomp

Here you see two models showing the Gator chomp while sporting their orange & blue. The first model is in the all blue suit while his friends are sporting jerseys. The guys I see in full body suits whether in orange or blue, I call them die hard fans, because temperatures sometimes are high at games and it gets hot. The second model has on orange & blue overalls. One of my favorite outfits I saw that a guy wore.

Orange & Blue Pride

blue shoes cool guys helmets

paintThese models are sporting a variety of combinations of orange & blue that you can put together. You can never go wrong with clothing that has the gator logo on it. Most guys as you can see sport gator colors for their top and then wear khaki bottoms. To spice up their outfits they throw on some shades or a hat.

You can see the young models wearing helmets expressing their love for the Gator team. How can you go wrong wearing a helmet to a footbal game. Then we have our painted body models. As I stated before some guys/gals paint their bodies write letters on their stomachs. These two models chose to put "U" "F".