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On game day I took pictures of fans in their Gator gear. Ladies like to get cutesy in their Orange & Blue. Some ladies wear dresses while others wear skirts or shorts. I even saw some wear jeans with cute tops. Some individuals just came in a more comforatable wardrobe but sported orange & blue nonetheless. While others were dressed to impress. Regardless they were all looking fierce in their orange & blue.



Blue dressHere is a closer look at the kinds of dresses you can wear to the games. Short or long it does not matter. If you are the kind of girl that like to dress up when you go out, then this is the kind of gear for you. The best part is when sporting a dress you can wear sandals, boots, or even flip flops as seen by the models.



converse chomps flipflops

groupIf you are the kind of girl/lady to be cute but comfortable then this is your area of style. A cute pair of shorts with an orange or blue shirt is great for the football occasion. You can even throw in some accessories to make the outfit "pop". No outfit is the wrong outfit as long as you are sporting orange & blue. However, some ladies like to stand out from the crowd and get cute & creative. Is That You?!!


cheerleader skirt

Here we have a cute little gator in her cheerleader uniform. This is a cute outfit for the toddlers. However, for the older audience you may want to wear a regular skirt exemplified by the young lady in the white skirt. Many of the ladies who attend the game like I said wear clothes that are comfortable to them but also to their liking. It tends to get really hot at games so wearing a skirt is understandable and is a great choice. Once again the accessories chosen for your outfit will make it stand out even more.