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If you are a student, staff member, Alumni member, or a Gator fan then you are no stranger to the family known as the Gator Nation.The University of Florida is referred to as the Gator Nation. Any one apart of the Gator Nation I'm sure will agree "It's great to be a Florida Gator". "It's great to be a Florida Gator" you can hear this same chant from fans at games and even in the streets to celebrate a game victory. More than likely if the crowd is chanting the remark the Gators are winning. Not only are we doing well in academics but our athletics program is one of the best.

Gators continue year after year to awe their fans with their incredible athleticism. Proud to say many of our Gators have gone on to join professional athletic teams, such as the NBA (National Basketball Association) and NFL (National Football League). Needless to say Gators are no strangers when it comes to the public. I am definitely proud to be a Florida Gator.

I am here to help anyone interested in knowing what to wear to Gator football games. Come in style dressed in Orange & Blue and enjoy the energy given in the Swamp. You will get a closer look at our gator mascots "Albert & Alberta", fans dressed in orange & blue, and where you can get your own orange & blue clothing.

The Swamp


Home of the Florida Gators

The Swamp is where the magic happens in Football. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium better known as "The Swamp" is home to the Gator football team. The Swamp has the capacity of 90,511. Which is great because on game days attendance is known to reach a little over 90,000 people. After being renovated and expanded it is now the ninth largest college football stadium. It is the largest stadium in Florida.

It is located on the campus of the University of Florida between the Racquet Club and the Stephen O'Connell Center.The Swamp . Teams that visit the Swamp on game day experience why the Swamp is one of the toughest crowds to face.

Gator Fans express their feelings towards opposing teams by chanting in unison. As the visiting team runs on the field from within the tunnels, Gator Fans "Boo" their football players; whereas, the Gator team gets a standing ovation of applause.

Also, when the referee gives the opposing team a technicality the Gator fans chant "Move Back You Suck" while pumping their fist forward, preferably, with a hat in hand. The Swamp is covered in Orange & Blue on game days to show support for our team. You can see a variety of outfits. Some people come comfortable while others dress up for the occasion. Sit back & relax as you take a closer look of the Orange & Blue that enters the Swamp.

Home Football players huddle

Gator Poem

Down in the swamps where the ol' Gators play

You can find gator fans in the stands on Saturdays

We chant orange and blue and have school spirit

And sing The Florida Song school lyrics

During the day or during the night

Just know when the Gators play they're not going down without a fight

Join us as a fan and enter through our gates

Or come as a foe and become Gator bait

Come to Florida and visit the Swamp

And join us in our Gator Chomp

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