A Guide To Origami

Supplies To Get Started

Origami supplies
One-sided kami paper and scissors

Good news: Origami does not require much in the way of supplies. To get started, all you'll really need is some paper and, occasionally, scissors!

You don't even need to get fancy origami paper -- origami can be done with just about anything that will fold and stay. Plain white printing paper, newspapers and magazine pages will do just fine.

Do remember that, in most cases, you will need to make sure whatever paper you are using is a square. Use a ruler to measure your sides and make sure they are even on all four sides.

Origami paper is available online and in arts and crafts stores like Michaels Stores.

Kinds of Origami Paper

If you are interested in specially made paper specific for origami, there is a wide variety to choose from:

One-sided kami paper, which is the kind I have used in my tutorials, is typically a bit thinner than printer paper and usually comes with a white side and a colored side.

Washi/chiyogami paper is paper printed with traditional Japanese patterns and images.

Duo kami paper is origami paper with two colors on each side of a sheet of paper.

Foil paper is paper made of thin aluminum foils, and usually comes in different colors.