Ways to Deal with Gossip

Here are some tips that can help when dealing with gossip.

Ignore it

This may be easier said than done. If someone comes to you with gossip that you know can cause harm if spread just say you dont want to be a part of it or you dont want to get involved. Take yourself out of the equation to not cause any conflicts.

Ride it Out

One of the best aspects of Gossip is that there is always something new. If you happen to be the latest rumor your only the top story until another one comes along. Realize that right now things may suck but in a week or two someone will do something crazy and your story will be old news. With time things will pass.

Talk to your friends

There is nothing like a great group of friend to help you deal with gossip. They can help you laugh about the situation or find ways to deal with it. They will be right by your side so you dont have to deal with it alone. Your friends will stand by you because they know who you are that the gossip is just that gossip.

Tell someone of Authority

If things get out of hand and you feel you can no longer deal with the situation go to an adult. Find someone of authority you trust and know that can help you and let them know what is going on. They will most likely try to help you as much as they can.


Gossip and rumors are 99% of the time are almost always started by someone who doesn't like you. They are trying to bully you. Stand up for yourself and retaliate so they know you are not someone to be messed with.