Gossip at its Best!

Here are a few Movies and Television shows that portray gossip in a realistic and interesting way

Jawbreaker Cover
Jawbreaker has been one of my personal favorites since I can remember. This movie deals with tons of gossip and the cruel politics of high school. The story follows three friends known as the "popular ones". The three girls are Courtney Shayne who is played by Rose McGowin, Marcie Fox played by Julie Benz and Julie Freedman played by Rebecca GayHeart. The premis of the movie is the three girls accidentally murder their best friend with a jawbreaker during a prank they pull on her for her birthday. Jawbreaker deals with murder, police, the hierarchy of high school, popularity and gossip all together. It is a very interesting movie. A definite must see.
Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl Season 1 Cover
Gossip Girl is probably the best examples of gossip and how it can be used today. The show is centered around a group of friends Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Daniel Humphrey and a website called Gossip Girl where their secrets and indiscretions are exposed for the world to see. It gives a good prospective as to how easily gossip is spread today among teens. It is interesting to see how they interact with social media to help the characters get that they want. After one episode you will be addicted and you will want to watch the whole series. The series is also a popular book series that is even more gossip filled than the show and are worth the read.
The Hills
The Hills Season 3 Cover
The Hills is centered around Lauren "LC" Conrad moving to Los Angeles to go to fashion school with her best friend Heidi Montag and their friends Whitney Port and Audriana Patridge. The show follows their lives and interactions with gossip and rumors between friends and relationships they create while living there. It is a good depiction of how everyone deals with gossip differently. The show also lets you see ways they may be helpful and other that can be destructive. From watching the show many think Lauren Conrad is the perfect role model when it comes to dealing with gossip in a mature and graceful way. It is definitely a guilty pleasure.
Heathers Cover
Heathers is an 80's film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. It is said to be the Jawbreaker before Jawbreaker. This film follows three popular girls all named Heather and a girl named Veronica (played by Winona Ryder) who they are testing to see if she can be a part of their group of friends. There is a new student in town, JD played by Christian Slater, who befriends Veronica. When murders begin to happen around town there becomes a strange correlation between the murders and Veronica's friend. Though it was made more than 20 years ago, it is interesting to see that the way that high school and gossip was portrayed then hasn't changed very much over time.
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Degrassi Season 1 Cover
Degrassi was my middle school and high school obsession. It is a television show that centered around a group of high school students and their lives and they went through high school. The show deals with almost everything from rape, drugs, pregnancy, abortion, rumors, gossip, to relationships. If anything shocking could happen to any of the characters it would. There were no limits when it came to Degrassi. The slogan for the show was "Degrassi: 100% intense" and at times it would be. Though the show was dramatic in their plot twists it depicted high school and the students in a very realistic way.