The Effects of Gossip

When I graduated High School in 2009 gossip was very much prevalent. We all dealt with it but it was never something anyone took too seriously. We would occasionally have a fight break out because of gossip but it would hardly ever go past that. I recently got in contact via skype with a high school student named Sophia Marie to help shed light on her experiences with gossip as she goes through high school and to see if much really has changed.

Today gossip has elevated to a form of bullying. Most commonly today it is used for cyber bullying as well as the in school gossiping. reports that 37% of students have faced bullying while at school. They also reported that 52% of students reported being cyber bullied, 33% of teen teens have experienced cyberthreats online, 25% teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the internet and 52% of teens do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs 52%. These numbers are alarming. Teens need to be taught how to protect themselves as well how to deal with gossiping and cyber bullying if it happens to them.

It seems like there is no signs of gossip slowing down. Take precautions and become aware of how to avoid and or deal with the effects of gossip. Not everyone can emotionally take the stress. Yes for the most part gossip is taken lightly because we've all gone through it but these statistics are alarming and steps need to be taken to educate and protect student from causing harm to themselves because of it.