Did You Hear?

Gossip In The World Around You

"Show me someone who doesn't gossips, and I'll show you someone who isn't interested in people." - Barbera Walters

boy texting on phone

Today gossip can be found nearly anywhere and everywhere about anyone. There is always a new rumor flying around about something. Though gossip in the past was known as something women did in their spare time together, it has found a place in today's society. It is now expected that a student will encounter some form of gossip in their high school experience. High School is where gossip is know to have the most effect on it's constituants. Though for many it doesn't end there. As adults it goes on to deal with gossip and scandals of public figures. Gossip is here and it shows no sign of going anywhere.

The best way to describe gossip is a trivial game. Rumors and gossip is almost always started by someone who dislikes you. You always want to top the opposition but in the end no one wins. Gossip for some is very much something serious while other find it to be trivial. Growing up the best way to learn how to deal with gossip is from television since it is filled with it. Watch movies and tv shows that gossip is relevant and see how the character react to it. Learn from their experiences and conclude a way to you fell is best to deal with the situation. Gossip is here to stay so it wouldn't be a bad idea to find a way to deal with it that benefits you.