All Access: A Cappella - Females in A Cappella

Fierce Femininity

The personality of an all-female group is what carries the performance and makes the group unique. We are singing on a traditionally male-dominated stage. Men made collegiate a cappella, but we bring it to a different level. Being in a group of women means teetering on high heels, checking lipstick stains and hoping your skirt doesn't ride up. The guys definitely have it easier in that respect. But all-female a cappella groups have an advantage that the men and mixed groups don't: we can be sassy and even, ahem, sexy.

One group that definitely knows their personality is Delilah, eight women who originally hail from different a cappella groups. They competed in season 3 of The Sing Off, and the first song they performed soon became their claim to fame. This group features fiery personalities and killer vocals, as evidenced in their rendition of Bruno Mars's hit, "Grenade".

Fierce femininity is embodied by Musae, with their sultry vocals and killer arrangements. Musae was one of the featured groups at SoJam a Cappella Festival, so I've heard their performances from an optimal seat. Their songs may be shorter than average, but they milk every second of a cappella arranging gold. Their mash-up of Cascada's "Evacuate the Dancefloor" and Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" is a perfect expression of Musae's talent.

But what about the sassy collegiate a cappella groups? SoJam has quickly become one of the most intense collegiate competitions, almost rivaling that of ICCA. Of the countless YouTube video submissions, only a handful are chosen to compete at the festival. The grand prize: a masterclass with the headlining performer, which has consistently been a powerhouse professional a cappella group. Enticed by that prize and the opportunity to receive feedback, two all-lady groups made the cut. Both Georgia Tech's Nothin' But Treble and University of South Carolina's Cocktails made a fantastic impression on the audience, especially with their fabulously fierce sense of style.