All Access: A Cappella - Females in A Cappella

Vocal Percussion

I like to think that we're very honest here on A Cappella: All Access. And if we're being honest, there are times where we listen to other a cappella groups and wonder how we can ever replicate the sounds their vocal percussionists make. It's usually a male vp-er who blows the roof off of the performance venue, and he usually comes out with big, deep sounds that put the basses to shame.

We already know we have a disadvantage because, well, we don't have vocal ranges like that. That didn't stop Bellatrix, world-renowned beat boxer (or vocal percussionist, depending on which terminology you prefer), actually won the Female Beatbox Battle World Championship in 2009. Yes, that kind of competition actually does exist.

Ladies, if you can learn to beatbox, you've just gotten yourself one of the greatest party tricks, because no one expects it! Guys can drop a beat and no one is surprised, but when a girl like Bellatrix takes the mic.

If you're interested in learning more about beatboxing, you absolutely have to watch some of LuckeyMonkey's tutorials on YouTube. She is a former member of Florida State University's All-Night Yahtzee and an incredible vocal percussionist. Here's one where she shows her audience how to do an inward drag.