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My name is Alexa and I am a proud and sassy member of the University of Florida's only all-female a cappella group called The Sedoctaves. I'm a third-year public relations major taking a web design course, but more importantly, I'm an alto and a musician.

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Alexa Gedigian, October 2012

I've been through ICCA (that's a story for another day), had my mind blown and face melted at SoJam (twice), fangirled over Pentatonix live (also twice), spent more time in the music building than the journalism one, and probably listened to your group's CD on my iPod (it's true).

Music is my passion and an integral part of my life and my experience as a Florida Gator (cue the fight song). I avidly follow a cappella blogs and Twitter handles to find out the latest and most interesting a cappella news, but I noticed that there wasn't anything that related directly to my experience.

Where was the information applicable to the all-lady groups? What makes us different, ignoring the obvious? We are different and we need to embrace that. That's where A Cappella: All Access comes in.

Let this little website be a hub for girly a cappella information. Let it be a place of inspiration and common ground. Let's rejoice in our femininity! And let's show those boys that just because they made the first collegiate a cappella groups, they can't have all the fun.


So really: no boys allowed.