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Singing in Stilettos

pink heels
The Sedoctaves show off their hot pink heels. Though they come in many different styles,
the pink heels remain a staple of The Sedoctaves' image.

What is it like to walk on stage, towering over the audience in 4-inch stilettos?

If you ask any female collegiate a cappella musician, it's painful at best.

But there is a unique sense of power when you're suddenly several inches taller than usual, but the pain in the balls of your feet typically erases the thrill of new height rather quickly. Men in a cappella have no concept of what it feels like to strut off the stage after a killer performance, only to kick off the torture devices attached to your feet. And that's only one thing that makes us different, ladies.

We have an experience in music that isn't comparable to those ladies who have males voices to bolster their sound, or those who don't have female voices at all.