Preparation and Etiquette
Tibetan Etiquettes

etiquettes in Tibet Do not step on threshold when entering a house or temple. Stepping on threshold is a religious taboo in Tibet. It is said the thresholds represent the shoulders’ Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism.So it is impolite to step on these.

show respect to others In Tibetan language, people often call the name of an esteemed person by adding a "la" at the end of their names. The particle “la” pronounced at the end of a person’s name, is used to express respect. It is a honorific in Tibetan language.

sending and accepting gifts with both handsGifts should be accepted with both hands. When giving a gift, you should bow forward and hold the gift with both hands held higher than your head. When offering tea, wine, etc., you should use both hands, and avoid your fingers touching the inside of the bowl.

sacred birdEagles are sacred birds in the eyes of the Tibetan people. Do not disturb them, drive them away or injure them. You should also not disturb sheep or cows decorated with red, green or yellow cloth. They are for religious use.

Packing List

medicineWith an average elevation of 16,000 ft in Tibet, altitude sickness is common for first-time visitors. Anti-altitude sickness drugs are strongly recommended. Remember to get some at local store. Those medicines are usually made from local plants.

protect your skin Because of the high altitude, sun radiation in Tibet is stronger than anywhere else. Sun-proof items are considered necessary. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50 or higher is needed. Sun glasses are also needed in Tibet.

It is cold at nights The atmosphere is severely dry in Tibet. And also due to the high altitude, temperature differs dramatically between daytime and night. Make sure to take warm clothes with you, even in summers. Catching a cold can be serious disease for first visitors.