Lovers' Expectation
Sharing Beautiful Memories
Yu Chen, one author of the book EXPLORE TIBET
Yu Chen in Tibet

Yu Chen, One of three authors of book "Explore Tibet" :

Tibet is the most beautiful place I have ever visited in the world. The unique sights of plateau are memories of a whole life. I believe the supreme happiness in life is to share the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences with your beloved one. Thus, Tibet is a must-go destination with your significant other. My dream is to take wedding dress pictures with my husband in Tibet. The most ideal place is Yamdrok Lake. Don’t be afraid about the tough conditions there. If you get prepared well enough, it won’t be a big problem. Trust me, the most visited attractions are not that hard to get to.

Experiencing Exotic Culture
Xiaoyu Xu, one author of the book EXPLORE TIBET
Xiaoyu Xu in Tibet

Xiaoyu Xu, One of three authors of book "Explore Tibet" :

Tibet is unique in the world. Someone has described it as a lonely planet. It was isolated for thousands of years. Even now, with modern technologies, travelling to Tibet is a tour of adventure and needs courage. But the greater challenge is, the more precious memories you will get. In Tibet, you will learn a life-style which is totally different from your own. People there are friendly and kind of wild. One interesting thing I have ever heard is that Tibetan people are not afraid of wild beasts. They believe that beasts have spirits as well and they have insights into the world. It was told that if you encounter a wild beast in Tibet, don’t be afraid. All you need to do is to keep still and look at it. The animal can tell good man from bad man by their foreheads. It is really interesting. I think this mysterious culture is a treasure of mankind.

Belowing is a video showing how Tibetan people celebrate their harvest. With the traditional Tibetan folk song, just feel the Tibetan life style in advance.

Video shot by Suo Lang De Ji and Xuemeng Fu, edited by Xuemeng Fu

Romantic Experiences
Sisi Li, one author of the book EXPLORE TIBET
Sisi Li in Tibet

Sisi Li, One of three authors of book "Explore Tibet":

When I went to Tibet, I didn’t have a boyfriend. But I promised to myself that I would come back again with my lover. Tibet will definitely make your love much sweeter than before. One thing I really want to do with my boyfriend is to have dinner in Makye Ame – the most famous restaurant in Tibet. Thousands of couples have been there. It has formed a custom that every couple will leave a love message on the notebook on each table. And the restaurant has edited some of the love messages into a book and published it. This is the most romantic thing in the world.