Find Chinese Style in Gainesville

Making Friends with Chinese Students

The most valuable resource here for you to experience authentic Chinese culture is people, that is, the large number of Chinese students here. They create a variety of Chiese style in Gainesville. Making friends with them is the easiest and most efficient way to become China hand, since you are experiencing authentic Chinese culture while hanging out with them.

Chinese students are geeky nerds?Library animals? Don’t buy the Chinese stereotypes in mass media. Once you walk into Chinese student’s life in Gainesville, you’ll find they are just nice and interesting as you are. Still feel kind of shy? Well, relax! Finding common interests is always an easy way to break the ice. You can also join local Chinese organizations. Say all you need and they’ll give you a hand.

Sharing any hobbies?

Chinese students here live a colorful life outside the library. They study hard on weekdays for better party on weekends.They’re crazy Gator fans cheering at Swamp in Game day just like you. Chinese students also play football. You might run into their flag football team in the UF intramural sports. They also have soccer team and basketball team in Gainesville. What's more, they have garage band and play live music as well. See their homemade music video as below. Join their parties and let’s have fun together!

Homemade Music Video by Chinese Students in Gainesville

Joining the local Chinese organizations!

FACSS (Friendship Association of Chinese Students & Scholars)



FACSS is the largest officially registered Chinese student organization in UF. It commits to provide service and supports to Chinese student in both academics and livings. FACSS are also one of the most active associations that promote cultural communication between Chinese and American students. It serves as a pioneer to unite other Chinese organizations together, including Chinese Christian Church, Department of Chinese Languages, Literatures & Cultures, and International Center for festival celebrations, sports and entertainment activities.

FACSS will help you with their best efforts. They can match you a Chinese language partner, recommend events and activities. They’ll show you the real life of Chinese students and Chinese style in Gainesville. Click here to add FACSS to your friends on Facebook.

HUA-GEN Chinese School

HUA-GEN Chinese School

HUA-GEN Chinese School is the only Chinese primary school in Gainesville for Chinese kids. However, it serves far more than just a primary school. HUA-GEN opens Chinese traditional musical instruments classes, such as Erhu and Pipa, and dancing classes for all kids. Their students are frequently invited to perform at Chinese spring festival celebration, Asian Cultural Communication Week, and many other local activities.

In addition, HUA-GEN organizes Community Garage Sale in Gainesville sometimes, where you can search for interesting Chinese handcrafts or decorates, including calligraphy, drawings, paper cut, and potteries etc.

Chinese Linguistic Department

Chinese Linguistic Department of UFL

We have one of the biggest Chinese linguistic departments in UF among all the universities of the States! You can register for either major or minor with multiple subjects of course to choose from, including translation, history, literatures, business and cultural studies.

Besides taking courses on campus, Chinese Linguistic Department provides study-abroad program to go to China, Beijing or Chengdu during summer semester with financial aid offered. This is a perfect opportunity to learn Chinese language, understand Chinese culture, and go sightseeing in the greater Beijing area! Maybe taste some local specialties as well. Watch the YouTube video of UF in Beijing 2012.

What’s more, if you don’t have a plan to register course, you can also find a language partner or join in Chinese studying social groups through Chinese Linguistic Department. Check their website to find more about Chinese Linguistic Department.