Find Chinese Style in Gainesville

Joining Chinese Entertaining Activities

Besides the events, we also have various Chinese entertaining activities to enrich our social life in Gainesville. Go and SanGuoSha are both popular board games among Chinese students. You can also learn to play traditional Chinese musical instruments in Gainesville. These entertainments are all brilliant ways for you to learn the history and experience the culture of China.


Go Chess Game

Go (Weiqi in Chinese, Igo in Japanese, Baduk in Korean) is an ancient adversarial chess game for two players, which oriented in China 2500 years ago. The goal of the game is to surround larger territory than the opponent on a vacant intersection of 19*19 grids. The rule is simple but full of logical deduction, imagination, intelligent gaming, and calculation. That’s why we say Go is easy to learn but hard to master.

UF Go Club was started a couple of years ago and have already attracted a number of Chinese, American and Korean students as members. They get together to play the Go every weekend, and hold friendly tournament every year.

Joining the club is not only a great chance for you to learn and practice the Go skill, but also an entertaining way to understand the Chinese mode of thinking. For more information, check their website UF Go Club and let’s "Go"!



SanGuoSha is a Chinese card game based on the history of Three Kingdoms in Han Dynasty as well as the semi-fictional novel of the Romance of Three Kingdoms. The rule is quite similar to Italian card game Bang!, but improved with genius design in characters and roles, which accommodates more players in the game.

SanGuoSha has become the most popular card game among young people in China nowadays, with 120 million active accounts registered online. US Berkley even opened a course on SanGuoSha to help students learn about the Chinese culture and history of Three Kingdoms.

Can’t wait to give it a shot? Well, you can visit any Chinese student’s home since almost everyone has a pack of Sanguosha cards at home. Moreover, the FACSS holds the SanGuoSha tournament every fall semester in Reitz Union. And the winner team will play against FSU at Tallahassee. Come join our SanGuoSha family and beat FSU!

Erhu & Pipa


Have you ever thought about to learn any traditional Chinese musical instrument here in Gainesville? It’s actually easy to be realized. There is a Chinese art and musical school called Hua Gen in Gainesville, which offers musical instrument sessions for either Erhu or Pipa.

Erhu and Pipa are both among the most popular and classic traditional Chinese musical instruments. Pipa is a four-stringed plucked instrument with a pear-shaped body; while Erhu is a two-stringed bowed instrument which is known as Chinese violin.

The musical instrument always connects with culture. Therefore, by learning to play and getting to know the cultural foundation behind Erhu or Pipa, you are actually reaching to the comprehensive aspects of Chinese arts, folkcustoms and history.