Find Chinese Style in Gainesville

Experiencing Authentic Chinese Culture

As one of the world's oldest civilized nation with more than 10,000 years' history, various aspects of Chinese lifestyles have been emerged as cultural symbols of China in eating, dressing, entertaining, and design etc. Wherever there are Chinese people, the Chinese style will be found.

In metropolises such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York with a large Chinese population, you may met into the Chinese style at every street corner in Chinatown. However, finding Chinese elements in Gainesville could be far more challenging since we don't have Chinatown here, although there are still a variety of Chinese cultural resources.

Desire but don't know how to experience Chinese culture right here in Gainesville? This website is designed exactly for you. We’ll tell you where to eat authentic Chinese food, what tradition Chinese events and entertainments you can attend, and how to make friend with Chinese people in Gainesville.

With our help, go ahead and start your own tour to find the Chinese style in Gainesville!