Bistro 1245's artisan cheese board.

About Gainesville's Guide to Local Restaurants

Why make a Guide to Gainesville's Local Restaurants?

  • 1. I love food. Mixing my love of food with an investigative journalism assignment for my class, communication on the Internet, I choose to create an online guide to locally owned Gainesville restaurants. I have visited and eaten at each of the restaurants featured on this website. As a foodie, this was a dream come true.
  • 2. Gainesville doesn't have a guide like this. I have included my rating of each restaurant. Feel free to leave reviews about what restaurants you love or dislike and why. I wasn't able to visit every local restaurant, so let me know if you feel there is an amazing restaurant that I must review!
  • 3. To support local business. I hope knowing more about the local restaurants around you encourages you to try new places and support local businesses.