Stencil Zone

Spenser Hensel: Proudest Work

In his years of making stencils, Hensel has become a proverbial wise man of the art form. Well versed in multiple disciplines of art, he contrasts stenciling with brush painting.

"I probably spent a hundred hours cutting. Just cutting, cutting cutting..."

"It's opposite," he says. When painting with a brush, one controls where the paint goes. When using a stencil, one controls where the paint doesn't go. "Painting, you spend two minutes preparing and 'X' amount of hours painting. Spray painting, you spend 'X' amount of hours preparing and then you only spray for a minute."

For his most impressive stencil, a series of three eight-foot tall canvasses, Hensel spent over 100 hours cutting the stencils out. When using a thin material, most times the stencil itself is only used once and then thrown away.