Stencil Zone

Spenser Hensel: Preferred Tools

For his earlier stencils, Hensel used card stock paper, which has a thick consistency and is a little more malleable than cardboard. Card stock can be purchased at office supplies and arts and crafts stores, among other places.

"You get one shot. You spray it, you lay it down, and what you have is what you have."

According to Hensel, card stock does not allow for very much detail in a stencil, though it does give artists the opportunity to reuse the stencil multiple times. Using a good adhesive, however, allowed him to use thinner materials. He began using a spray adhesive to lightly coat his stencils before mounting them on his canvass.

For his bigger projects, Hensel began printing his stencils on larger paper from the printing center Target Copy, unlike my method of printing on smaller papers and then mounting them to a thicker medium (i.e. cardboard) to make the stencil.