Stencil Zone

Spenser Hensel: Subjects of Choice

Above all else, Hensel enjoys using people as the subjects of his stencils, mainly because of the thrill of recognizing a person solely through well-placed paint.

"It's only three layers... no blending, and you can tell who it is... it's wild."

He doesn't limit his repertoire to just people, though. Hensel claims he "once did a grizzly bear," and a few other subjects.

Hensel has never tried spraying a stencil in public, but if he were to try he'd probably tag the 34th street wall. Spraying a stencil in public presents a new set of challenges, such as wind, adhering the stencil to the wall, etc.

If he had unlimited expendable income, Hensel would love to create a giant stencil out of adhesive vinyl so he could leave a tag and make a quick getaway.