Spenser Hensel

Local student artist Spenser Hensel

Spenser Hensel is a junior Art & Art History major at the University of Florida with a particular knack for creating hyper-realistic spray paint stencils.

Through his years of experience with stenciling, Hensel has worked with a wide variety of materials ranging from pocket knives and cardstock paper to eight-foot tall canvasses.

Eventually, Hensel wants to become a high school art teacher- but for right now, he's a natural with the aerosol can. I mean, come on- even his last name rhymes with "stencil."

Hensel explains how he got started making stencils with a friend, and the progress he has made since then.

Hensel goes over the various equipment that he uses when stenciling.

Hensel chronicles his biggest stencil undertaking so far- several life-size portraits.

Hensel describes his favorite subject to make stencils of and talks public stenciling.