Stencil Zone

History: Political Culture

Unlike the graffiti that was becoming popular with the spread of hip hop, the emerging art of stencil graffiti was much more pleasing to the eye.

According to Emily J. Truman (Source), stencil graffiti was much more aesthetically sound than the free-hand tags prevalent in hip hop. Truman argues that stencil graffiti walks the thin line between public vandalism and artistic expression.

There has been a lot of evidence recently that stencil graffiti is becoming more and more socially acceptable.

One example is the stencil artsit Banksy, who is known for his politically-themed art concerning topics like closed circuit television, capitalism, etc.

Many of Banksy's pieces, which are done on private property, wind up being sold by the property owners for huge sums. Once of his pieces sold on for $407,000 (Source.