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Stencil Zone is a site dedicated to spray paint stenciling, an art form that is unique and full of culture.

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Why Spray Stenciling?

This is a great question. Of all of the things to make a website about, spray stenciling might seem like an oddly specific choice of subject matter. Be that as it may, those who enjoy spray stenciling have - over time - formed a sort of sub-culture, so an entire site dedicated to this form of art isn't really too far-fetched after all.

For me, the beauty of spray stenciling is the realism of the finished product. The sharpness of the image combined with the fuzzy imperfections from spraying a little outside the lines creates a stunning visual paradox. This of course brings us to the next question.

Who is this guy anyway?

I'm Chris Burg, a sophomore advertising major at the University of Florida. I'm also a stenciling enthusiast, if you count that as a title. I'm no professional when it comes to stenciling; I just hope I can pass on some helpful information about all different aspects of spray stenciling.

You can contact me via email, Twitter and Facebook. The corresponding links for each account can be found in the footer below in a row of logos.