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Mission Statement

Making music is hard, but it's not impossible for anyone. In fact, it can be rather easy. I'm Kendrick, and I'm going to show you how to create songs from your own home. While I can't teach you to be creative, I can teach you how to use the programs essential to channeling your own ideas. This website will not teach music theory or lyrical ability. Those skills require practice and intangibles that could not properly be taught in a day. But if you follow these instructions you will be making great strides towards improving upon those intangibles. Remember - Everything worthwhile comes hard and practice makes perfect.

Before We Start

The Four Part Course

Part One: Beats
Your music, or what we in the digital age have come to call a beat, is the basis for your song. For your vocal performance to be it's most effective, the beat should be made before your lyrics have been written. Propellerhead Reason attempts to package an entire recording studio into one program, offering recreations of a mixing board, drum machines, synthesizers and digital samplers. It accomplishes the goal of every DAW by delivering consumers a package for $400 when consumers would be spending 10 times that amount to have the hardware that their software represents. Reason is through and through a prime example of hypermediacy. In one window pane, consumers have access to tools that would otherwise fill entire rooms. Reason erases the need to spend large sums of money on equipment and studio time.
Part Three: Mixing
Now that you have your ingredients, it's time to mix them. A bad mix can make a potentially great song unbearable, and a good mix can make a merely decent song sound grand. Audio engineering isn't rocket science, but it is a job for the patient man.
Part Two: Vocals
This is where you stop pressing buttons and start tapping into your self. Vocal performances are just as much psychological trials as they are physical. I'll show you different equipment setups and give tips for delivering your best performances.
Part Four: Distribution
You may be finished with the creation stage, but your song isn't finished until it's released. Are you releasing it for free? Then YouTube and SoundCloud may work for you. If you're looking to make some money for your hard work, then you may need to figure out how to put the song on iTunes. I can help with that, too.