Welcome! Visiting Tallahassee, FL is a great way to introduce how the government works to kids. Actually stepping foot inside the government buildings allows for an interactive experience and will leave a lasting impression on your children. While a tetbook can explain how a congress works, a child who can sees a legislative body in action is more likely to understand.
This site is intended to be a guide to help parents who want to bring their kids to Tallahassee, Florida to teach them about government. It focuses on visiting three major attractions: The Historic Capitol Museum, the Capitol and the Florida Supreme Court building. These three buildings will allow the three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial) to be used as a framework for explaining how government works.
This site aims to compile existing resources so activities can easily be found and operation information is at your finger tips. Here, you will find resources that will make visiting Tallahassee a little easier.
Each section of this web page will have some media to help you know what to expect! Also, there is a panel with helpful links and what you can expect to find at each of those resources. On this page, for example, you'll find resources to help explain government to your kids before they get here.
I encourage you to bring the family to Tallahassee for a fun educational experience!

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