Gainesville Rock City

The Guide to Getting BIG

College radio stations are notoriously known for openly and avidly supporting local and developing artists. is no exception! The station switched to an online format in late 2010, but it still continues to play, feature and support any and all local artists. Although primarily an alternative/rock format, as the name would suggest, the student-run station will cover Gainesville artists of any genre.

What to Aim For: Being included on The Local's Only Playlist, being featured on The Rock Blog.

Who to Contact: Send an email to Glenn Rickards, music director, at

Grow Radio

Grow Radio is a public, community radio station based in Gainesville, FL. The station has online show programming 24/7/365, and it plays just about everything - from rock to rap, to stories and political commentary. All DJs and station leaders are unpaid volunteers and Gainesville students, music lovers and, often times, fellow performers and artists. More than any other radio property, Grow Radio often hosts ticket contests and promotional campaigns solely for local bands.

What to Aim For: Local radio special on the weekends, local show coverage, show ticket giveaways sponsored by the station.

Who to Contact: Send an email to Bill Bryson, founder of Grow Radio, at

Lead Us Down Magazine

Lead Us Down is an strictly local, online music magazine dedicated to keeping you in the know about all that is happening in Gainesville Rock City. You won't see a single post on the magazine's website about a non-local band. The magazine launched in and it reviews local releases, filters news and photos from nearby independent and provides show/festival previews . There's also a local playlist embedded on the site that is often updated with the newest and latest in Gainesville jams. This magazine has street cred, for lack of a better term . Lead Us Down is followed by every musician or music enthusiast in Gainesville, FL., and it is a perfect channel for developing your network within the city. All of the content is created by editor-in-chief Matt Walker, who know music, knows Gainesville and knows Gainesville music since moving here in 2006.

What to Aim For: Show previews and reviews, interviews/Q&A's with Lead Us Down's editor.

Who to Contact: Send an email to Lead Us Down's editor, Matt Walker, at

INsite Magazine

Without question, INsite Magazine is Gainesville's number one entertainment publication. Its monthly editions know no bounds - from music to movies to fashion and food, INsite is everyone's go-to for the hottest news and updates. Its music section gives equal attention to national superstars and Gainesville-based hotshots. The magazine frequently profiles local bands, and its staff of college students and Gainesville residents will review singles, albums and performances. More than any other magazine in the city, INsite pumps out tons of content in its print pages, on its social media outlets and its blogs, so it provides Gainesville bands with plenty of exposure all the time.

What to Aim For: Concert photo coverage, full print profiles on band/artists.

Who to Contact: Send an email to INsite's music editor, Greg Allard, at