Gainesville Rock City

The Guide to Getting BIG

So, you're in a band, huh?

Big dreams of the rockstar life, playing sold-out arenas and selling kajillions of albums...

Join the club.

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Luckily for you, if you live in Gainesville, FL., you're far from stuck. Actually, you're in a better place to take off than you'd expect.

Gainesville Rock City is known for its incredibly vast and diverse music scene, welcoming, fostering and hosting some seriously impressive local talent. In the case of Tom Petty, Less Than Jake, Sister Hazel and a few others, little old Gainesville has even churned out some superstars, too.

We've got some of the best mom-and-pop venues, radio stations and independent labels chock full of supportive music folks who are ready, willing and excited to help your band get where it wants to go.

This website is a resource for the brand new, the seasoned veterans and all that's in between. Think of it as a place to begin and a place to reference, whether you're getting started or getting ready to give up.

It'll teach you who to know, where to go and how to go about doing it. Don't forget, the contact page is designed to answer any personal questions or requests for advice, too.

Good luck. Rock on.