Anatomy 101: Knife Anatomy

This is a graphic that shows the anatomy of a knife.


The tip of the knife is the sharp endpoint of the knife, but you may also hear the first third of the knife referred to as the "tip."

Cutting Edge

The cutting edge of the knife is, as you could imagine, the part of the knife that you use to slice, chop and pare. It


The spine is the back of the cutting edge. This is where the knife gets a lot of its heft and force.


The blade includes everything from the holster, or handle, up.


The heel is the lower third of the cutting edge. It is used to cut denser objects.


The handle is where you hold the knife.


The bolster is where the knife sits in the handle. A bolster is normally a sign of a high-quality knife.


The tang is the metal that extends into the handle of the knife.


The rivets connect the tang to the handle.


The butt of the knife is the end where the handle and tang end.