The Mood

Ok, this is a big one that doesn’t require that long of an explanation. The mood essentially encompasses the environment. Background is key here, if you have a news channel then figuring out what kind of backdrop you will use is important. Keep in mind different factors, one being the color. Research has shown that people react to colors differently, and while we are not all looking to have sky blue backgrounds , what you want to do is find a color that fits your channel. If you are reporting on babies, blood red is probably not a good color to go with. If you are not doing a reporting kind of show then your backgrounds will be harder to normalize so to speak. What you want to strive for here is to give your audience a sense of home base. Somewhere that they know your episode is either beginning or ending. This will all lead to your overall vibe, which is something that you want your audience to become comfortable with. Your vibe is as important as your persona, it is the feeling that your environment gives the audience. We want to make sure that feeling is consistent from episode to episode, similar to your persona. It is one of those things that audience members will come to truly embrace about you, and making it consistent will make them want to consistently come back.