The First Step

The first step to creating a channel that will attract people and keep them coming back is putting your passion into it by picking a topic you are passionate about. This can be anything. It can be a review on comedy films or what shades of makeup make you look most like certain movie stars. The idea here is that the audience will see your commitment to this channel because they will feel your passion for the subject matter. People smell phony. They might not realize it right away but if they think the only reason you are doing this is say to make money or pure personal gain they will probably not stick around long if at all. Have some love for your subject matter, make it something you truly care about. If you canít find something that your passionate about that you could not episodically tell people then you should have a nice long talk with yourself that ends in you doing whatever the hell you discover you actually enjoy. This life tip aside, an audience will connect with you more if they feel like you are also as much or more of an enthusiast as they are.