I believe one of the biggest things you need to focus on once you have your general direction down is to figure out your on camera persona. If you watch TV or watch movies im sure you have a favorite character of some kind. I am also sure this person is not the same way all the time. Personally, I love Will Ferrel, but I am pretty positive that he is not this funny all of the time. This is because when he goes on stage he dons a persona. This persona is what the audience will know you as, and as such is vital to the success of your channel. You might be thinking, “well if it’s not 100% real then I shouldn’t do it”. This is that one exception. Will Ferrel for example would not be as funny if I also had to hear about his problems, although in his mind this should work because he is being real. A persona allows the audience to get comfortable with a consistent personality while giving you the flexibility of not actually being totally yourself. This is great for a variety of reasons, ranging from your persona not having the same shitty day you are, to your persona being the single most adored character of all time. This use of the phrase character should not be taken lightly. This is essentially what you are building, a character. You want this character to do two primary things, fit your channel and fit your audience. Everything else is flexible. This will take some time to construct and should be done so with plenty of thought and preparation because once it is done it cannot really be done again. If you met someone and then after hanging out with them for a week they changed, you would question said friend of yours and probably not hang out with them for fear of them changing on you again. So take your time on this because it is one of the few things that you cannot change from week to week if you plan on actually having a fan-base. This article goes into a little more detail on creating a character.