Maintaining Expectations

If you get your audience used to something, stick to it. Especially with when you put out your programs. It upsets people when they go to check for their typical Wednesday or Thursday show and it is not there, donít upset your audience. In the same vein of thought if you tell them that you will do something next episode, then you better do that next episode. There was once a South Park episode that promised to reveal Cartmanís Mom in the following episode. Instead the South Park creators, thinking nobody cared about the answer, went with a completely unrelated episode about Terrance and Phillip. The creators said that they received so much hate mail that they had to make the episode that they promised their fans. South Park didnít lose any followers over this, I am not so sure that our channels would be able to survive as easily. To sum this up, make sure that you at least meet the expectations of your audience even though the goal is always to exceed expectations.