Love and Honesty

Love and Honesty are the last things I would recommend in the growing and beyond stages of this process. What I mean by this is that you should give your channel love by being on top of every detail, editing for that extra 30 min to deliver that right effect, and staying up that extra night to submit it by the time your audience is used to. These are not hard and fast acts of youtube greatness, rather great examples of what I mean by giving your channel love. Those extra moments you spend working on it and making sure it is just right will most definitely carry over in the audience’s eyes and simply overall in the quality of your channel. At the end of the day if you can’t that you are at least happy with how hard you worked on it then how do you expect anyone to ever appreciate it. These days with as fickle of supporters as most people are they will only loyally support something they can appreciate in one way or another. Honesty is a tenet I simply believe in because again, I believe people can smell phony. With that being said I am not saying you shouldn’t have fun with it, just be real about what you do and that will make your product more respectable.