Filming Tips

The filming is something you will also want to focus on. Im not going to go over what kind of camera you should purchase because I am a big believer in working with what you got, and camera are pricey enough to where if you don’t have a great one you are probably not going to go out and grab it just for your channel. Having said that if you have the discretionary income to do this then you definitely should get the best camera possible. A couple of helpful tips that will give your filming a big boost, no matter what camera you have. First of all make sure that you have something to keep your camera steady. A tripod is the preferred method, closely followed by a monopod. These are what all serious camera people use to steady their shots. If those are not available then what you want to do is hold the camera with both hands and then put the elbow of the hand holding the majority of the camera’s weight against something. This “something” is preferably a wall or sturdy and stable object that can be rested against. If those are not available then the last resort that will still help you is using your chest to rest your while you shoot. If you feel like an idiot while you are doing this due to the convoluted nature of this position, then you are doing it correctly. You will feel all scrunched up due to where your elbow has to be to properly brace against your chest. This article goes a little more in depth on holding a camera.

Another tip that is essential for editing is leaving 5 seconds both at the start and at the end of the clip. This will help mainly for cutting the clips to allow for transitions. This will also help with getting the ambient noise of the location you are filming in. This is not essential for your audio, but it is a great “extra-mile” step.