Episodic in Nature

That life tip pretty accurately portrayed what you should aim for in your subject matter, first passion, then episodic in nature. There are some things that cannot be told in an episodic nature, although admittedly in writing this they are hard to think of. Episodes or installments keep people coming back to the channel. Imagine watching a show that had one great episode. No matter how great that one episode it is hard to amass a following from one show of anything. Even the Greatest movies are usually followed by a sequel of some sort. That is to cash in on an audience that is asking to be fed. This is a critical two part statement. Cash in because in today’s day and age everything has a monetary implication. The second part is an audience asking to be fed. Audiences always want more, that is why to truly succeed as a channel and fully meet the needs of your audience you must give them more of what you are serving. Most things are fairly easy to extend into episodes although subjects that depend on material which is freshly updated such as movie review channel or sports talk channel are easier to sustain than say a channel about maintaining great hygiene. That is why I personally recommend subjects that offer a continuous source of fresh material, but again passion first.