Editing Tips

Taking your time will be a huge part of the editing process. Understanding that this will be a large time endeavor is the biggest part of editing. Once the proper expectation is set for yourself it will be a lot easier to stomach the hours that you will be spending in front of your computer. Editing is where everything comes together, which is why this step in the process is so important. Please, if there is any place you cut corners, do not do it here. This article here will take you into some softcore editing tips and if you want to delve a little deeper then look at these hardcore editing tips

Trimming becomes a huge part of editing. It is obviously a huge part of cutting each shot down but that is not exactly what I was referring to. I am talking about trimming scenes. The average attention span these days has got to be somewhere around 2 minutes, and I am being generous. It is with that said that I advise you to make your scenes or segments shorter in nature. If something feels like its dragging, it probably is. You want to make sure that you keep a nice flow within your episodes no matter what. Whether it is gauging how much time you spend on a story or cutting the big action scene down two explosions, make sure it flows and does not drag. Less is more as long as there is enough to not confuse the audience.