Being Different

When you create this character you should take a long hard look at your “competition” and see how you can differentiate yourself. What I mean by competition is any channel that is similar enough to compete for your viewers. Your persona will be one of those facets that can really set you apart. It could be the reason someone subscribes to your channel versus one with very similar subject matter. The point I am trying to make here is that this is the time in which you should start thinking about and applying differences that will set you apart. This is how people become famous, great, noticed or whatever other adjective you are looking for here. It is by being different. So take the time to truly look at whoever it is that you will be most likely compared to and find ways to differentiate yourselves from them. See what they do, and do it better, in a more innovative or simple way. Whatever it is that they do that you think you can improve on, well, improve on. Don’t go crazy here, it could lead you too far astray from your original persona, but just look at the little things. You will find ways to be different in a big way, by looking at the little things.