Constantly looking over the tape that you have is a great idea. Being overly redundant is a plus here, as the quicker you catch mishaps in your shooting the quicker you can end your shooting “phase”. A huge part of this is the Audio, as it is hard to know exactly what your microphone is capturing unless you are hearing the recording first hand. The wind is the enemy and it tarnishes all usable audio faster than Sandusky tarnished the Penn State football program. So to keep this and other random noises out of your clips, it is recommended that you frequently check your audio and video.

Deciding how you will capture your audio is another critical step. This is going to depend on the type of videos you are making. If you are a solo reporter on something, your built in webcam will probably work. If you are doing a more elaborate production then I would recommend a separate microphone unless you feel your camera’s microphone is sufficient. What you are focusing on here is crispness and overall audability. This made up word audability is a word I like to use to truly ask myself if the content of my audio is truly audible and being well presented to the audience. Questions to ask yourself here are, “Will the audience struggle to figure out what I want them to pay attention to with their ears?”, “Can they really understand everything I am saying?”, “Will they have to max out or totally minimize their volume to hear me?”

Although this is done in editing I will go over this here because it is audio. The background music and music in general can sway the quality of a video one way or the other very quickly and easily. Steven Spielberg has been quoted as saying that music is the most moving part of a movie. If one of the greatest filmmakers of all time is pointing to one aspect of film as a defining part of the experience, then I am going to focus on that part. Backgorund music should enhance the feeling you are trying to convey without taking away from what the audience is seeing. It has to sync up and it cannot be overbearing. This is something to keep in mind when you are setting your volume levels on your videos in the editing process. Having some kind of theme music may or may not be a good idea dependent on your level of creativity when creating original music. All kidding aside, it is a matter of it would fit with your channel/episodes. This whole process is subjective, I just believe in certain things being generally more acceptable than others to general audiences, if you have your heart set on blowing out a speaker then blow out a speaker. Put all of you into this channel and people will notice. Back to audio, the last thing in editing audio is utilizing your editing programs to apply effects, but again the idea is to strike a balance here and use effects that go with the style of your program.