When Warped Tour Starts It's Summer Time

Picture that I took at Warped Tour in West Palm Beach,Florida
Picture I took at Warped Tour 2012 of fans waiting for the band to play

Every summer, Warped Tour goes on the road for an entire summer touring all across the United States, going to every state and every major city to bring over 100 bands to one location. Warped Tour music festival is a music and extreme sports music festival that originated in 1994 by Kevin Lyman. Warped Tour has different stages set up all across a fairground where a company sponsors each stage. Sponsors include Monster Energy Drink, Kia, Vans, Invisible Children and a 100+ sponsors (Cooper,2012). The reason that people look forward to this show every year is because of all of the most successful bands of that year and previous year can all be seen in one day, which is very rare since no tour does that.Due to the vast variety of bands, each Warped Tour stop can expect thousands of fans coming to each show. As Megan Lindstrom, a third year architecture student at University of Florida said "I know it's summer time when I am counting down the days until Warped Tour comes to my town".

How Warped Tour Works

Picture that I took of We The Kings performing at Warped Tour
We The Kings performing for an energetic crowd

Throughout the fairgrounds, there are merchandise tables for each band as well as meet and greet tents where fans can meet their favorite bands for free. These characteristics are what sets Warped Tour apart from any festival, other festivals charge fans a separate fee for any meet and greet, while Warped Tour is no additional charge. Besides the entertainment aspect of the festival, there are many amazing non-profit organizations that are part of the tour such as To Write Love on Her Arms, Invisible Children and many more. These booths allow for people to become aware of the social issues that many people find important.

Warped Tour is one of those music festivals where you have to be prepared for hot weather, big crowds, loud music and an entire day of music! Since the tour is during the summer, the weather can be very bipolar, going from beautiful skies and exteremly sunny, to pouring rain. But that does not stop the show! The bands continue to play their set, which is 30 minutes unless they play on the main stage which is a 45 minute set. Warped Tour is not dedicated to just one genre of music, but rather many genres which is why so many people between the ages of 14-30 come to the show. Genres include Alternative, Ska, Rock, Hip-Hop and many more. If you are a fan of one or multiple of these genres, then Warped Tour is for you. Warped Tour is the perfect festival to find your new favorite band since you are able to discover up and coming artists.