Warped Tour Survival Guide

There is nothing more exciting than spending an entire day out in the sun listening to your favorite artists perform all of your favorite songs. Warped Tour can be a lot of fun attending, but if it is your first time going it can be a little bit confusing since this festival is very different than any other one out there. I have been to eight Warped Tour music festivals and every single time I go, I learn something new every time. Just follow these tips for when you go to Warped Tour and you will have a lot fun but also survive!.

The Tips

A picture of a Warped Tour ticket indicating time doors open
Make sure to look at the time doors open!

The first thing that there is to know is that the line to get in tends to get VERY long because there are fans out there that want to be the first to get in. Doors usually open at 11 A.M. but that is depending on the tour stop. Every day is different, so make sure that you check with your venue to see what time doors open, this information should also be printed on your ticket. Getting there after doors open is never a bad idea, you won't have to wait in line and you will not miss any "big" artist since those bands always go at the end of the night. However, I still recommend that you get there early since different non-profit organizations will always give away free merchandise, meet and greets and VIP passes

This music festival is held during summer, the hottest months out of the entire year, the weather can easily hit 100 degrees, and the key to being able to stay all day, is staying hydrated. This past Warped Tour, Klean Kanteen, provided free filtered water at all tour dates as long as you had a container to put the water in. This is the first year that Warped Tour has had this resource, however, it is perfect because you won't have to keep buying water through out the day, which means you save money. Make sure to also put sunscreen on because you don't wan't to look like a boiled lobster by the end of the day. I had to learn that the hard way after I didn't put any on and was as red as a tomato. Sunscreen is key since you will be exposed to the sun 7+ hours.

This red inflatable is where all set times are posted
The big red schedule board at Warped Tour

Another important thing is to always write down the schedule of the bands playing that day. Every tour stop has a different schedule of when each band will be playing. You can either take a picture of the schedule board, which is a huge red inflatable board, or you can purchase a copy of it for about $2 dollars. The only bonus to buying the schedule is that it has a map of the fairgrounds with the layout of all the stages and every meet and greet available that day with all the times. Having a schedule will allow you to know when each artist is playing without having to waste time to continuosly going back to the board to look at it. Just remember that every Warped Tour stop is different, which means don't go from what your friend told you when she went the day before!

This is attire that I recommend girls wear to Warped Tour
Fashionable yet comfortable is KEY!

Girls are always asking me "What should I wear to Warped Tour"? The answer to that is the more comfortable the better! I know that girls always want to look fashionable, but you can do that while being comfortable. It is always hot and you will get sweaty. Therefore, shorts and a short-sleeve shirt or tank-top is a must. Make sure you don't wear any dark clothes, since dark colors attract the sun's rays more which means you will get hotter faster. Also wear comfortable closed toe shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. A fairground is not an extravagant venue, its a dirt and grassy field, which means that your shoes will get dirty either by the dirt, or people probably stepping on them by accident.