Rides, Food, Music and More

Mullet Festival is unlike any other music festival you will ever attend. It is for all ages and is also a family event where parents can spend time with their children. Mullet Festival has many different activities that one can participate in from carnival rides, to eating southern style dishes, watching local artists perform, even do a little bit of home decor shopping. Many designers that make their own designs by hand such as paintings, sculptures, frames and more, take it to Mullet Festival where they are able to sell it to the thousands of people that come throughout the weekend.

Sunday is for the Family

At Mullet Festival, every year on Sunday's it is Family Day!. On Family Day no alcohol is sold or even in the premise, but rather soft drinks are sold to raise funds for the United Way. On Sunday, there is extra activities for kids such as the carnival rides, clown shows, pony rides, petting zoo, arts and crafts and a lot more (Shoffner, Daily News). However, the parents aren't forgotten, at night time there is always live entertainment on the main stage. This past year, Kelly Pickler, was the closing artist of the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival. There is still vendor tents for adults to visit and do some shopping if they wish. A lot of parents like to take their children on Sunday because it is family day and it does not get as crazy and it is a lot safer as the previous nights. For more information on Family Day visit the Mullet Festival website.

What About the Food?

The food at Mullet Festival is very important to the locals since it is southern cuisine at its finest, for a cheap price. When I went this past year to Mullet Festival, when I asked everyone what they recommended, majority of the people told me the fried shark and fried gator. I wasn't worried about the fried gator since I had it before, but the fried shark, I was skeptical. The fried gator was without a doubt the best gator I had had in a very long time. I always tell people to not be afraid of gator, it sounds weird, but it is delicious!. Fried shark was a first for me, but I am very glad that I tried it since it was delicious!. The only advice that I will give you about the food is, that if you plan on trying some fried gator or shark, those two foods are the quickest to go. So make sure to get it as soon as you get there because once it's gone, it's gone!