What is a Music Festival?

Fains waiting at a music festival in South Beach, Florida.
Crowd of fans at Ultra Music Festival 2012 in South Beach

Imagine a day out in the sun, in the middle of summer, with your best friends enjoying an entire day of music, entertainment, food and activities. Music festivals allow people of all ages to enjoy just that, live music performed by some of their favorite artists. What kind of music festival it is depends on the genre of music, nationality or holiday. For example, some festivals only focus on pop, indie, or country music. Festivals are usually held outdoors and offer other attractions such as rides, food, and merchandise. Majority of music festivals are held during summer since it allows for fans to take roadtrips, the weather is usually nice and more people are able to attend.

Festivals are usually held once a year and may be a tour, meaning that they travel all across the nation, or held in a specific city. Music festivals vary in length, some are only one day, while others are an entire weekend. Festivals that last an entire weekend, allow the guest to choose a one day pass or the entire weekend. Music festivals aren't just all fun and games, but can also raise money for specific charities. Sometimes proceeds of your ticket or food purchased, go to the charitiy of the company's choice. This upcoming summer, instead of just staying at home, consider going to a music festival and having the time of your life!