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Avoid Gluten Fillers

The processed food dilemma in America is not only causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer in humans, but canines too. I feed my dog, Finnigan, Blue Buffalo. I admit I may have fallen victim to strategic marketing, and attractive packaging, however, Blue Buffalo is one of the best brands that you could feed your dog. Blue Buffalo is a bit more expensive than brands sold at your grocery store such as Iams, Kibbles and Bits and Purina, but the nutritional benefits are entirely worth the extra five or ten dollars (depending on the size of your dog).

Wet Blue Buffalo Dog Food Variety

Blue Buffalo sells wet food in many different flavors such as, Chicken Pot Pie, Backyard BBQ, Salmon and Chicken, Duck, Turkey Dinner and many more. Dinner can be a real treat for your pet with Blue. Wet food is good for dogs with sensitive gums or teeth (Milan), however, make sure to balance both wet and dry food in your dog's diet. Wet food is a great treat, but dry food cleans tartar off of your dog's teeth, and satisfies their instinct to chew. Wet dog food can be expensive though.

The key to selecting a healthy brand is turning the bag around and reading the ingredients. The first ingredient should be protein, as it is the most essential and important part of a canines diet. A dog’s DNA is only .2% different from that of a Grey Wolf (Genome Resource). In today’s cheaper brands of dog food, the first ingredient (which is the ingredient most prevalent in the package) is corn meal, which is a cheap filler.

Purina gluten fillers

The low quality vegetable proteins replace more expensive, meat source proteins and ingredients. Brands tend to find creative names to call a gluten ingredient so that it is not the first ingredient but the second, fourth or fifth. Combined, those ingredients far outweigh natural meat protein, which should be the most prevalent ingredient. A dog does not have any need for grains or carbohydrates, in fact, according to Whole Dog Journal, their pancreas is unable to secrete the enzyme needed to break down gluten (Whole Dog Journal). This inability to digest proteins that don’t contain amino acids causes obesity and diabetes. A dogs diet should be close to 80% protein.

Make The Right Choice

Every day you make a conscious decision to eat healthy or unhealthy. Unfortunately, your dog doesn’t have that luxury. Therefore, you should provide the best care to your dog that you can. Cut back on going out one night, so that you can buy the more healthy food for your dog. In college, I know money is tight, but that is a problem that should be evaluated before you decide to adopt or purchase a dog. Think about if you can maintain the costs of a healthy lifestyle for you pet, if you can’t, maybe wait until you are more financially stable to adopt. In the meantime, you can apply to be a foster parent at a local shelter. This works much the same way as foster a child, the pet would live with you, and the shelter would pay for care costs. Head over to my adopt in Gainesville page to learn more!