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Which Dog Breed Matches Your Personality?

[According to Doglirious.com]


Golden Retreiver Puppy

You're often called imaginative, caring and creative. You will probably be a very loving dog owner, but you will have a hard time disciplining your dog. It will be best to stay away from stubborn breeds, and focus on caring, easy going breeds.


German Shepard

You smarty pants, you! Rational personalities love mental stimulation, and are often described as driven, innovative and intellectual. People are drawn to you for your leadership. You will probably connect best with more intellectual breeds, and you do not have to shy away from stubborn dogs, but should pick one of these breeds based on your energy level.

3. Artisan

Jack Russel Mix

Artisan's are often the center of attention because they are so confidently different from others. You crave the spot light and love sensation. Choose a dog that compliments your personality, one that also loves attention and that is energetic as well.

4. Guardian

Bulldog Puppy

You are loyal, selfless, stable and dependable. You would be a great match with any breed because of your nurturing character. Troubled animal shelter pups would greatly benefit from your patience, but these family oriented dogs will match well with your personality too.

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