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The Best People Aren't People, They're Dogs

"I know the secret to happiness
You can't buy loyalty, they say, I bought it though, the other day;
You can't buy friendship, tried and true, Well just the same, I bought that too.
I made my bid, and on the spot. I bought a single trusting heart,
If you think these things are not for sale,
Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a stump for a tail.
The best people I know aren't people, they're dogs."

A video featuring my dog, Finnigan, and the song "The Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and The Machine.

Why You're Here

I created this site to inform the public about the joys of having a dog, along with tips on how to raise a happy, healthy dog in college. Dogs are a huge commitment, like children. But, a commitment that is completely worth the time. I adopted a puppy my sophomore year in college and he has made college a lot more manageable. As a student at the University of Florida, I am a long way from my hometown in Maryland. My puppy, Finnigan, made coming home at night a happy occurrence. He made my house a home, and I am so grateful that I found him. Dogs are great study partners and can be your best friend when you are feeling a little homesick. Click around my site if you want to learn more, or need a smile.