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How to Make a Mojito

Step 1

The first step to making a stellar mojito is to acquire all of the ingredients. You will need a bottle of white rum (you will not use the entire bottle,) a drink shaker, club soda, a muddler, fresh mint leaves, sugar (natural or artificial,) a cup of ice, fresh lime, a knife to cut the lime, and lastly a clean glass.

Mojito Ingredients

Step 2

After gathering all of the ingredients, proceed to cut the lime into thin slices. The amount of lime necessary will vary by the number of mojitos you plan to make. For this recipe you will only be making one mojito, so two to three slices of lime will be sufficient. You may use more if you prefer a strong lime flavor in your drink.

Sliced Lime

Step 3

Now place several mint leaves in the cup. Add to the cup the slices of lime you just cut. Finally add your desired amount of sugar and ice to the cup. Crushed ice works better if you enjoy a slushier mojito.

Cup with mint,lime,sugar and ice

Step 4

Now using the muddler, crush and combine all of the ingredients in the cup. Twist your wrist in a circular motion when crushing all of the items. Be sure to not crush the mint into a pulp. You want to extract the juices from the lime and mint. Stop when you observe a significant amount of liquid has been extracted. Please view the video on the left for a demonstration.

Step 5

Empty the contents of the cup into the drink shaker. Add your desired amount of white rum to the drink shaker and then place the lid. Now using a firm grip, shake the shaker. Be sure to not shake the items too vigorously. Shake for around 15 - 25 seconds. Then place the shaker back down on the table and remove the lid. Please view the video on the left for a demonstration.

Step 6

Now pour the contents of the shaker back into the glass. Pour a small amount of club soda in the drink. Place some mint in the drink for garnish, and place a slice of lime on the rim of the glass for aesthetic. You have now made your first mojito! Enjoy it but be sure to drink cautiously! Please view the video on the left for a demonstration.